Thought ya knew about CeCe Peniston?

On having swag, social media and impeccable standards My phone rang and an English accent greeted me at the other end of the call. Wait, CeCe Peniston‘s a Brit? “Oh, hello,” I fumbled, hastily striking a line through my question about her influence on this side of the Pond. Thankfully she put me out ofContinue reading “Thought ya knew about CeCe Peniston?”

Making friends with Tasha LaRae

On spanning the genres, picking a winning track and covering the greats with confidence “Most of the time they find me!” I’d always been intrigued how producers and their vocalists found each other so thought I’d ask. “I’ll get a message from Spen or Tommy Davis, and they’ll say ‘hey, we got a great trackContinue reading “Making friends with Tasha LaRae”