In time with Richard Earnshaw

On eclectic tastes and musical freedom I’m a sucker for music with a groove, and I’ve been buying Richard Earnshaw releases on autopilot for years because his tracks come with grooves guaranteed. One glimmer of hope during the COVID pandemic has been that he’s in as prolific production form as ever and helped keep usContinue reading “In time with Richard Earnshaw”

Making friends with Tasha LaRae

On spanning the genres, picking a winning track and covering the greats with confidence “Most of the time they find me!” I’d always been intrigued how producers and their vocalists found each other so thought I’d ask. “I’ll get a message from Spen or Tommy Davis, and they’ll say ‘hey, we got a great trackContinue reading “Making friends with Tasha LaRae”

Michael Gray in black and white

On church halls, pseudonyms and remixing for the right reasons “Someone referred to me yesterday as a machine!” Michael Gray expresses genuine surprise at this observation but whilst maybe made in jest it’s an approximation that bears some scrutiny. His work with Jon Pearn as one half of remix and production duo Full Intention aloneContinue reading “Michael Gray in black and white”