Releasing the tension with Mark Picchiotti

On uplifting melodies and remixes that trump whole albums I’ve been a long-term fan of Mark Picchiotti since I became hooked on his remixes of AM:PM tunes in the mid-1990s. In the days before you could listen to a thirty second snippet on Traxsource or Beatport spending £5 or so per twelve-inch was always somethingContinue reading “Releasing the tension with Mark Picchiotti”

In time with Richard Earnshaw

On eclectic tastes and musical freedom I’m a sucker for music with a groove, and I’ve been buying Richard Earnshaw releases on autopilot for years because his tracks come with grooves guaranteed. One glimmer of hope during the COVID pandemic has been that he’s in as prolific production form as ever and helped keep usContinue reading “In time with Richard Earnshaw”

Ultra Naté: one woman’s sanity

I wasn’t going to ask about Free. Of course I love the track, it’s literally changed people’s lives and made Ultra Naté a household name but that wasn’t how I wanted to spend our time together. Many words have been written about Free’s story already, and I was very conscious of burning yet more ofContinue reading “Ultra Naté: one woman’s sanity”

Setting the levels with DJ Spen

On the evolution of technology, originality and the challenge of extra large voices Streaming a live set during the COVID-19 pandemic and rising unrest, you need all the euphoria you can get. Thumbing through my Rekordbox collection for inspiration, when I arrived at DJ Spen‘s remix of Underground Ministries’ I Shall Not Be Moved myContinue reading “Setting the levels with DJ Spen”

Flying the world with Birdee

On big beat, big names and big travel Marooned in Los Angeles post-COVID and struggling to get flights home to Italy, you’d think Birdee might be a bit too stressed to chat. And you’d be wrong. In fact he’s probably the most enthusiastic person I’ve texted in months. And he has good reason. Arguably oneContinue reading “Flying the world with Birdee”