In time with Richard Earnshaw

On eclectic tastes and musical freedom I’m a sucker for music with a groove, and I’ve been buying Richard Earnshaw releases on autopilot for years because his tracks come with grooves guaranteed. One glimmer of hope during the COVID pandemic has been that he’s in as prolific production form as ever and helped keep usContinue reading “In time with Richard Earnshaw”

Pushing through with Venessa Jackson

In the soulful house world Venessa Jackson was one of the most prolific artists around in 2020, with the hits seemingly just keeping on coming from her South African home. Despite everything going on in the world her Facebook feed was an ongoing tale of creativity and a sense of an opportunity being seized outContinue reading “Pushing through with Venessa Jackson”

The gospel according to Michelle Weeks

Laughter. And more laughter. You’d think given everything that was going on in her world in 2020 that Michelle Weeks would have a good excuse for being distracted but not a bit of it. If you’ve ever heard her sing you’ll already know that she has spirit, but in addition she also has an amazingContinue reading “The gospel according to Michelle Weeks”

Flying the world with Birdee

On big beat, big names and big travel Marooned in Los Angeles post-COVID and struggling to get flights home to Italy, you’d think Birdee might be a bit too stressed to chat. And you’d be wrong. In fact he’s probably the most enthusiastic person I’ve texted in months. And he has good reason. Arguably oneContinue reading “Flying the world with Birdee”

Tales of the unexpected with Pauline Henry

On telephone auditions, academic indecision and astrological premonitions It’s always a good sign when there’s a celestial plan for your interview. “About four days ago, I dreamt I was about to meet this Virgo person! Well you’re the second Virgo person I’ve met today and we’ve hit it off!” If Bono says you’ve covered oneContinue reading “Tales of the unexpected with Pauline Henry”