Time with Angela Johnson

Reasons to be cheerful were in short supply in 2020 but Angela Johnson’s music was definitely one of them. It’s become a custom of mine to have a retrospective of the year as my final broadcast and when I surveyed my final playlist of the year, no fewer than three of the twenty tracks selectedContinue reading “Time with Angela Johnson”

Thought ya knew about CeCe Peniston?

On having swag, social media and impeccable standards My phone rang and an English accent greeted me at the other end of the call. Wait, CeCe Peniston‘s a Brit? “Oh, hello,” I fumbled, hastily striking a line through my question about her influence on this side of the Pond. Thankfully she put me out ofContinue reading “Thought ya knew about CeCe Peniston?”

Tales of the unexpected with Pauline Henry

On telephone auditions, academic indecision and astrological premonitions It’s always a good sign when there’s a celestial plan for your interview. “About four days ago, I dreamt I was about to meet this Virgo person! Well you’re the second Virgo person I’ve met today and we’ve hit it off!” If Bono says you’ve covered oneContinue reading “Tales of the unexpected with Pauline Henry”

Can’t play around with Kathy Brown

Accidentally FaceTiming house music royalty from my pocket wasn’t perhaps the way I’d hoped the conversation would begin. I recovered my composure by remarking how having listened to Kathy Brown sing so many times it felt like meeting an old friend. She was typically reassuring: “You are meeting an old friend!” The first thing youContinue reading “Can’t play around with Kathy Brown”

Feeling the Effect

Our fundraising journey is off and running! I’ve had a few things going on the past few weeks but wanted to make sure I posted an update on the inaugural event under the brand The Disco Effect I mentioned before. Well the good news is it went great! We had a great evening at theContinue reading “Feeling the Effect”