Three goals for 2020

I do hope everyone’s had a great holiday period and are all set for the New Year. I thought I’d start this year’s posts by setting three musical goals for myself for the coming year.

(OK so they are more general aspirations than goals, but at least they provide a focus)

Please do let me know your thoughts, comments and suggestions 🙏🏻

Spread more glitter for good causes

The inaugural event last year was a resounding success and proof point, but I’d like to now make the Disco Effect brand a regular event throughout the year. I’m already making plans for the spring.

As a related thought, I’ve also considered other types of fundraising or charitable activity under the same music-for-local-causes umbrella. I’m not 100% sure what yet, but watch this space.

Find a broadcasting mentor

Over the past two years or so I’ve really enjoyed hosting my Househeads Radio show on Saturdays. Largely I’ve learned by drawing on my experience, listening to others and generally following my gut. One of the things I’d like to do is see if I can find an experienced radio presenter (not even necessarily a dance music DJ) who could give me some more directive guidance and suggestions for improvement.

If anyone’s watching and got some good suggestions, please let me know!

Do more regular interviews

Last year I was lucky enough to interview two DJs/producers I’ve long admired, Booker T and Michael Gray. I got a real buzz not only out of getting the chance to chat with them but also the preparation, the challenge of asking good questions and finding out amazing insights about what makes my heroes tick.

In 2020 yes I’d like to do more, but set myself the challenge of making an interview a regular thing – maybe once a quarter to start with.

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